Saturday, September 14, 2013

The end

In case anyone has been wondering where I've gone, I moved. I wanted a cleaner and more flexible blog so I made a new one because I didn't want to destroy the layout of this one because it's so special to me huhu. Also this blog is full of drafts and unfinished entries so I just wanted to start fresh and start blogging more regularly. Find me at

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Smother me

Valentines morning.

Yesterday night, I got home at 8 in the evening and crammed my ass out. I had so many overdue pages to read for Rizal and shit to do for my SLP report and other shit to do for several quizzes. So due to all the work I had to do, I fell asleep at 5:30 in the morning of today and alarmed for 7 in the morning.

At about 6:30, Niko opened my bedroom door with a really tall sunflower in one hand and a guitar in the other. Mind fuckingly tired, thought I was dreaming or dead. 
Manyak smile
He sang the song Smother Me and I cried because I always cry when he sings that song. Drama llama babies

He then fell asleep while I dressed up for school. I skipped my first class so we could have breakfast together. He drove me to school afterwards.
It's a cat
Most perfect morning to start the day.
Expected the worst today but it actually wasn't that bad. Not bad at all. Did well with my report and the quizzes and recitations and the professor for the class I skipped didn't even show up !

Thanks Niko
for probably causing the chain reaction of good happenings on this good day

P.S. You need a shave