Saturday, December 31, 2011

Slanted eyes meet a new sunrise

Hong Kong for the 3rd time of my life. It's really cold like fuck over there

♥ Day 1 ♥
I really like Chinese food & chopsticks
♥ Day 2 ♥
This is Disneyland. I believe it is the most magical place in the world.
♥ Day 3 ♥
Victoria Peak. It's so high and bright up there!
♥ Day 4 ♥
We rode a ferry to Macau. It's all ancient and beautiful.

♥ Day 5 ♥
I got too lazy to take pictures of anything. Hehe

Sorry it took forever to scroll down this one post !

The last time I saw it was the 13th of April

Arriving home from HK, I go inside my room. The first thing that caught my eye when I entered my room was a notebook on my study table. I thought I'd never see that damn notebook again. Figured it was Kay's Christmas gift along with some chocolates.
I remember how we would take turns. He gave up on adding things to it eventually. 

Travel sneak peek

Damn Iphone has an awesome camera. This is a preview of our trip since I still have to arrange like thousands of pictures and shit. 
I love Chinese food and noodles and nomnoms.
Venetian buffet at Macau
Iphone is so cool. Cannot get over it. It's like I'm texting with kids at home because there was wifi everywhere and I had FB chat. Then it has Facetime too. Tried it out with this fucker!
Hi Niko! Sorry I put your face here. HAHA

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy hohohos [Part 2]

Vain family is vain. Christmas with the rest of my dad's side at Dasma.
Lolo & Tito Jon photo bombsss
Yana Banana !
HAHA seniors & juniors forever