Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ones I've been growing up with

First week of summer and I've been spending it out and with people.

I spent Monday with Meg. We were salon hunting at ATC. She wanted lighter ends and I want pink dip dyed hair. Waited for her hair to get done for six fucking hours since they didn't have the color I wanted. Then we got some Jamba Juice. Expensive but worth it fluids in really big cups. I had something that tasted like peanut butter,
We had Cousinuman yesterday. Gayest word ever invented. I'm real close with my cousins and love them to bits. We just had to hang since they're all going abroad soon. Huhu. I had the worst hangover of my life that night due to my empty stomach.
Bianca & Bea slept over. Went salon hunting here at Makati area to find places to do my hair. Pink dye is pretty hard to find.  Also went round shopping F21. Such a girl.
Went to QC later that day for ADM night. Friends of my mother and the children of the friends of my mother. People who I'm stuck with forever.

Monday, March 26, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

Finally watched The Hunger Games. I've been dying to watch this ever since it came out last week but we had exams. I read the books last summer and loved every bit.

Ooo, I made an Identification Card with this: [!] Ever so hyped. District 11 with all the damn crops, vegetables and shit. How perfect.
I went on a date with this fucker and we shared a large cup of grape lemonade. So much flavor bursting in your mouth. We watched The Hunger Games and we may have held hands.
I have a lot of pictures sipping drinks
After the movie, Niko & I circled Greenbelt to look for a place to eat. Took us quite a while to find a place because we are such indecisive kids. Or maybe that's just me and it gets contagious. We ended up eating at Fish Co. I just love that restaurant and the huge serving of parmesan filled fish fillet. Dinner killed.
This is my Hunger Games get up. I belong to the damn outdoors.
Even complete with my own Mockingjay! Loljk, that's a fucking golden crane.

Friday, March 23, 2012

One of the boys

Last day of my exams. I am free now. What a fucked up and sleepless week. Stole these first two pictures from my friend.
These people are the closest I have in class. Two 2SLP kids photo bombed in the picture though. Hoho. I brought some of the boys home with me since all the girls had other plans.
This is Luigi ! He's so happy !
Got some Jollibee for take out and headed home. Watched Abandoned, an old DVD that seemed to be a scary movie but is nothing but a shit movie. 

For boys, my friends are very vain.
Oh god
This is the only decent picture
Intense Wii
Such a lovely way to begin Summer 2012. I believe it's going to be a fucking magnificent summer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I belong to a procrastination nation

It's the week for final exams yet I've been procrastinating more than usual. I promise myself I'd study but I just get distracted too easily.

During the weekend, I began Saturday with productive studying of Psychology. That didn't last long. Met up with Ara Vat F21. There was a massive sale. I barely treat myself so I bought a lot of shit since I saved up a lot of money. Reasonable price for the number of pieces I got. I love Forever 21 forever!
Summer clothes !
She stayed at my house until 1 in the morning and we non stop talked on my bed because we're sick kids with coughs and colds. So obviously, I never managed to study.
Sick kids can be vain kids too !
By Sunday, all I did was nap & take several phone calls & some Facetime.

Then yesterday, I drew this with the computer for about two hours and thirty minutes. After I finished it, I couldn't stop staring at it because I felt so stupid for wasting my study time. I don't even know why I drew this.
I think I've been easily distracted lately because my mind is set on summer. Summer. I'm excited for you. I've already planned so many adventures in my head. Next week, I'm probably going to dip dye my hair a light pink. Ara and I have been talking about this since god knows when. I think she'll be going for turquoise.We're going to look like mermaids.
Fuck my life because here I am procrastinating out my soul when I should be studying. Theology & English are pieces of cake though but still. If it's easy, perfect it already yeah? Fucking turning in to a damn nerd. I'm so sick of studying. 

Cams & I were talking about it and how we can't help but apply the things we've been learning and it just comes out of our mouths like word vomit. Proof is seen in the following text messages.
This post is longer than what it should be. This is a product of my procrastination. Shoot me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Songs for bitter melons

Things will never be the same but that's okay ☺
Cause I get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

Damn I just mixed up some lyrics. Whatever, I have no bitter feelings over anything at the moment. These songs are just really beautiful songs that I've been non stop listening to and if I were bitter over something, these are the songs I would sing!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alcohol makes everyone extra friendly

I really had a good time during Ara V's birthday. The pictures are all up in FB but I'll put them here anyway because it was such a wonderful night. Can't believe my parents actually let me sleepover.

 I don't remember some of these being taken. There are even pictures on my phone that I don't remember being taken either. Oh alcohol, my lovely friend.
Birthday girl died ♥
I died ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ 
My knee high socks are the best
Damn shit sticky cake
♥ My  ♥ baby ♥ forever ♥
Thanks for the night Ara V. Ew, you're 18.