Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2nd day of suspension

Thank goodness for Typhoon Juaning.

It's not even raining that hard but yeah, relieved I don't have to take so many quizzes. Yesterday, Zoo quiz canceled because of early suspension. Today, Filipino quiz (worst shit ever) canceled because of another suspension.

What to do? Hell naw, I'm not going to study. I've been chatting with Kay all day. It's breezy and cold so I'm sipping my hot chocolate. Never mind, looks more like gulping.
Kay sent me this drawing. He was reading a Korean comic all day. So gay. But wow, I wish I could draw like that.
This 2nd image, I saw in Tumblr a long time ago. Reminds me of people. Har har har. She looks like she hurts herself! Omg.
Hmph, I need to learn how to use the pen tool better and make pretty eyes with Photoshop. Huhuhu. Traditional artist forever.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In other news today, we also got our IDs. We got our name plates a few days ago but here it is as well anyway.
My picture is way too ugly so I covered it with Hello Kitty. I shall be changing the ID strap into this Hello Kitty one Kay got me a year ago or so.

Pizza party

Despite my depression on this day, I celebrated the 3rd part of my 18th Birthday. Like I said, there's about 4 parts.

So since my college friends are so sweet, I decided to treat some of them for pizza with my week's allowance. Along with Anton, whos birthday was a few days ago too. I didn't get to bring my camera so I stole some pictures from Ven's FB. I love these people, and I shall be spending 5 years with them. Gosh

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty in pink

Today was a very long day. Kay in the morning, preparations & party.
& Now, the day is over
I'm so gay

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your only sunshine [Part 3]

{This was the only think i uploaded from all the pictures, I will post them if I possibly find them which is not possible}

This is entry is the last of my 18th Birthday. Spent the night with my family. Dinner at L'entrecote, just like my graduation. Like deja vu.

Huhuhu, won't be 17 forever

Your only sunshine [Part 2]


Your only sunshine [Part 1]

I believe I am now 18!

I fell asleep happy last night. Woke up happy. Went to school happy. Got home happy. The only time I was sad today was when these people had to go.

So I arrived at school, with infinite greetings. Had only one test today. Hihihi plus it's only Theology Hihihi. Best birthday gift ever. One hour of school only! On the way home, I was expecting things. When I got home, Kay & Bee popped out from the den's bathroom. Happy surprise to see my loves.
Bee asked her mum to get a cake with my name on it ✭
 So sad because they had to go so soon. It was so early because Bee still had class and Kay still had to go back to the library.
4ever my lovers
Recieving things. Got a few things from my classmates. Didn't expect anything from them since we've all only been together for a month or so. Hah, someone even got me something with my name on it. Cool.
This is really pretty
Bee got me a wonderful bag of goodies. Plus the bow that was on my head earlier.
I love this vodoo doll
Thank you Bee & Kay for coming over. Lol Kay didn't get me anything for now he says. Fail but it's okay. He's the first one who greeted me anyway for like 2 years straight. He he I'm just happy they were over. I wish I saw my other loves too but I know I'll see them soon. Oh and the video, I watched with Bee & Kay. Hihihi I feel so loved. Shall post it here soon since I can't seem to stop watching it.

I wish they stayed so we could've treated them for dinner. I'll be eating out with my family tonight. For now, I'll study for the Zoology exams I shall be taking tomorrow. Fuck whut?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shiny and new

I got a few new things. I went shopping a few days ago and got myself big sweaters and long tops. They make me feel skinny. Also got myself a pair of heels.

Then today mom and dad came home from Spain. Yes, pasalubong. They said Zara is uber cheap over there. They didn't bother getting me clothes but gosh, 5 pairs of shoes. They're so wonderful & beautiful. They're all neutral colors though but I love them. I love shoes.
The Hello Kitty one is my favorite, it's hella huge
I love new things in my closet.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Set yourself on fire!

When Bee was here the other day, she lent me the last two books of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I finished the first book a few days back in only a day. Got me hooked and wanting to read the next books as soon as possible. So I've finished them all already. Probably the best set of books I've ever read. Maybe because I don't read much lol.

But fuck that was amazing. Took thirty minutes or so for everything sink in. I think it ended perfectly but I was so sad when it was all over.

A few lines from the books. Hihihihi.
Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

“Here's some advice, stay alive”

“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun”

You know, you could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve him

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you

I've been talking about these book to everyone lately. Har har har. Bloody obsessed.

And when Bee told me about the movie coming out based on this next year, I went insane. There's no official trailer but she did show me the cast. The cast is pretty good yeah? I hope this won't disappoint.
Gosh wow, excited to the bones.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bianca Ortigas will model for Nike someday

LOL spelled waist wrong LOL
I had to help Bee with a project by taking her picture. She was given the theme sports so we went with Tennis since it's her sport.

Props used were a racket, a bra strap and the light thing we had for Grad Ball. I'm proud how it all turned out really. The quality aint so nice here though. I wonder why!
Random shots. Lol, the last one is funny. I have no idea how we achieved that shot. Photo shoots at the streets when it's all dark gets pretty frustrating.
Awesome night and she is here with me now, sleepover!