Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better run faster than my bullet

Exams are over. So I skipped PE on Wednesday morning to rest for the rest of the stressful week coming for me. Had the Pre-pageant last night and I was nervous as ever but I had fun. I sang Pumped Up Kicks with the help of my friend Tom on bass. Wasn't as good as I usually sound but I guess that's normal. Took me forever to calm down and get rid of the nerves.

I'm not really good with crowds.

Can't say the same about my boyfriend though. What a natural singing Sunday Morning.
We dropped Tom home after the Pre-pageant. Looked like we were running away with three guitars and an amp. Guards thought we stole them from the hospital or something. Damn but check out the trunk, really looks like a runaway.
Niko brought me to this new mall called Magnolia that he has been hyped to visit for a while now. It's pretty nice looking but we didn't really get to go around since it was closing time. Just had some dinner.
We ate at a place called Big Better Burgers since it was the only place open.
Fish burger tasted really good or maybe I was just super starving

Inappropriate pictures taken in the fancy food court.
And the parking lot. Yey for free parking.
Such a cute asshole
Long day and another long day ahead.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Flora: Goddess of Spring

My mother wouldn't help me with the pageant clothes. The gown I got covered from the lady who made my prom dress. She lent me a damn gown. Thank her kind soul.

So that left the theme wear to worry about. Roman goddess.

Bought fake flowers and tulle from divisoria to make a skirt. Had immense help from expert flower crown maker, Bee. So I slept over at Bee's. Had nothing better to do with our lives anyway plus it would've cost a ton more if we went looking for a real dress. So here goes our diy style attack. Worked on it for about 5 to 6 hours. Sleep around 2 in the morning. 

Cute ass video.

Since I was looking more like a fairy than a goddess with the really gay skirt, I made a goddess looking headdress. Painted some scrap leftover leaves gold.

Burned my skin with the glue gun and got a few cuts from wire. Worth it. Going to wear the skirt again on Halloween with wings!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flowers are pretty then they die

Spent my Saturday with Bee, Darvey & Niko. Besides the constellation photoshoot, we also managed to make flower crowns, shop in SM, use my polaroid, watch a scary movie and eat some pizza.

Finished product flower crowns.
Dear Niko, I'm sorry this is the effect of spending too much time with my friends
Dinner all the way at Bee's !

Our own constellation

Niko suggested we join this Shadow Play contest by Lee that he found out through the newspaper a few weeks ago. Check out the other photographs at Such a last minute and out of the blue sort of thing.
  .                   .                                     

                  .               .                                     

This is the picture we submitted !
This 30 minute photoshoot in Bee's bathroom would have not been possible without:
Bianca Ortigas
Galaxy Lamp Owner
Niko Abella
Brain Child
Andrea Jurilla
Camera Owner

Sunday, August 12, 2012

These lumps

Too sweet for thee teeth
Bee's house is a zoo but she prefer I call it a shelter because it sounds less crazy. 
There's another cat & a french bulldog around the place somewhere.
Went to the mall for some strawberry milkshakes. I'm wearing shorts btw.
Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass 
Had no idea this was being taken but whatevs. Aren't the sweethearts such cuties !
Went back to the mall for a second time to grab Mcdonalds. 
Passed underground to get to Bee's. We take photos everywhere.
Sang These Lumps in really quiet places and open spaces because I'm a public disturbance.
A strand of Bee's hair. Nomnoms
My 5 hours or so with Bee ♥