Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do it yourself or die

I finally managed to work my sewing machine. It took me a while to set it up
Took more time to set it up than the time I made the bows. Thanks to the previous help of Bee's instructions and the book with instructions, I got it working. I was very happy. Look what I have made.
Sorry for my face! Hah. Big bows and hipster headbands. I'll be selling them on that Garage Sale Ara is planning. I didn't make much though and I doubt I'll sell any because I'm going to overprice them! Ho ho ho. Anyway, I hope I can make some money. So if anyone is willing to give me 50 bucks for a headband or a bow, I would be happy to make a request.

Serious business.
Details of the garage sale btw

Midnight madness sales

My boyfriend is so fail. Har har har.

Today, we went to Greenhills because my Tita owes Meg a birthday gift. She bought some shoes. The only thing I bought was pink canvas cloth to sew a bag. Because I'm cheap like that.

After that, we went to Megamall for the F21 Sale. I was bugging Kay about the sale two days ago when he was over at my house and complaining to him about how mom wouldn't bring us. I guess she got annoyed because she ended up bringing us today despite overtime for the driver.
Megamall was packed with people. It was a sale everywhere. Sea of people I swear. I found Kay in the crowd at F21. I wasn't really buying anything because I had no money for spending. It was really more of Meg's trip. Kay told me he was going to Zara with his sister today. Lied to me and so much for surprises. He bought me a dress and went through all those scary teen girls shopping. So I didn't go home empty handed. Yey!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You're a stone fox

I've been watching so much movies lately. I even got to watch Girl Interrupted! Bea downloaded it for me. It was really good and I actually liked the movie more than the book.

One of the movies that I really liked was The Virgin Suicides. Now I'm all interested to read the book. It was pretty disturbing though. I watched it late at night with my sister. We were both really freaked out with how it all ended. Is cool though.
I want these books now pretty please

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up

I had to wake up very very early today to enroll myself for UST. I got there pretty late though. Thankful I caught of with Sy because I thought I wouldn't see her. She was there real early.

I was really confused because my mom wasn't allowed to come in and enroll with me. I had to do it all by myself. Lol proud. Anyway, we had so much shit to do while soaking up all that heat.

Enroll. ID pictures. Uniform Measurements. Physical Examination [x-ray, vaccines, dentist, drug tests]. Yes, all that with very long lines. We were at UST from 9 up to 3 in the afternoon. I was obviously very tired by the end of the day.
 I'm honestly very very excited for college now. Hihihi.
Fucked up schedule is fucked up
God, why the fuck would I even go to school on a Friday for English and Theology. It's a horrible schedule. I don't know how I'm going to deal with it. Crazy shit.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Backfire dance party

Meg's 16th today. She's my other sister.

Dad asked her about the surprise before the surprise actually happened. Fail. It was the thought that counts. Funny as hell though. Hah. Fail. They surprised her with balloons and cake.

We ate at Uncle Cheffy's and brought along her three friends[the ones that are always at the house]. Food there is amazing. They over ordered though I believe.
I'm in no mood for sleep right now. Ah, 16, I had a good 16th. Good times, good times. Hihi. Anyway, I must be awake real early for UST tomorrow. Will attempt to sleep. Soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter egg hunts

We celebrate Easter Sunday at Alabang where my grandparents & cousins live. There, we have lunch and have an Easter egg hunt. When we were younger, it was more fun because we had to run fast or someone else will get the eggs. There were four of us running around the garden.

After lunch, Meg, Bianca, Roxy & Elmo went swimming. Bea, Tita Cathy & I prepared an Easter egg hunt for Roxy, filling plastic eggs with candies. She had Elmo to play against with this year. Then there's the baby, Yana. A new cousin from Tito Francis. But she's not big enough for an Easter egg hunt yet.
She looks just like her father
Omg, this is such a baby post. Happy Easter loves!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the waves up take me down

Finally home from that insane ride. I couldn't feel my bones in the car. Exhausted.

3 days & 2 nights at Punta Fuego for the Holy Week. The sun wasn't that hot but I still placed sunblock every hour or so. I didn't get much of a tan. It was a good trip.

April 20, 2011
We rented a house for our first day. Here's the view of the balcony. The house was big and chill and I wish we could've slept over for the second day but it was booked.
We spent the first day at long beach. Family was still incomplete. My other cousins and their father were still at some cruise or something and was only arriving that night. They came in the next day.

We went snorkling at long beach and picked up starfishes and fed fish Qcobs [chips]
That's a rock, not the starfish I was talking aboout
Thn did some random shit. We made a pyramid and I was on top! Hihi. Mom & Tita Jenny were on the second row and Meg & my lovely cousins were down below. God, being a cheerleader sounds difficult. Jumping pictures afterwards
Dad and Tito Raffy drank quite a lot. It was funny trying to get back home. 

We played Cranium while they slept. Fucking awesome game that gets everyone hyped up and super competative. Shit, we did 5 rounds of that shit and did 4 more for the next day at Punta Fuego. I wish I got to take pictures of the silly shit it made us do but I was too busy laughing.
That ends the first day.

April 21, 2011
Tito Jon and the rest of my cousins [Cams, Jiggy & Cayley] were at Terazas Punta Fuego by the time we got there. Terazas is a another beach.
There's a pool over there too
Pizza for lunch
By 2pm or so we went back to Main Punta Fuego and got checked in. Then to Long beach again with all my cousins pluse Tito Jon, Tito Raffy & dad. The rest decided to stay.

We rode a banana boat. Yeah, that was one big banana. Managed to convince Tito Raffy to join us. He fell off about 3 times lol. The rest of us only fell once but fuck, that was hard. Like my head hit a rock or something.
Got Henna done after the Banana Boat. The guy wasn't much of an artist though. It was pretty crappy. Looks like I could've done better with pentel pens. The next day, the red ink faded away. Cheap shit.
I think Cams had the best one
Obviously played some more Cranium with everybody when we got back to the rooms. Plus Tanduay Ice and tons of junk food. Fuck, it got all crazy. Super fun I swear. I got to play that with my friends but then I'll probably feel all stupid when it comes to the Data Head part.

April 22, 2011
The last day.

A heavy breakfast early morning. Then the infinity pool. We always end our last day at the infinity pool for a dip. Shit, I can't believe I've been going to Punta Fuego since I was 8. Wow.
We took over the hood lol. People always scatter when we get into that pool. There's a pool on top which is more shallow. We always go to the second one which is deeper. We managed to get in empty again this year.  Funny, trying to do triple chicken fights and hanging up the ledges.
That's everyone minus Tito Jon because he took the picture. Hohoho.

I love my family.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile like you mean it

I'm off for the beach tomorrow and I still have not packed as usual.

I had my nails done yesterday and got these clay things stuck on them. They're grapefruits. Mom, Meg and even Roxy got those things on their nails too. It's quite amusing but they won't last very long I believe.
Bright & perfect for summer yeah?
Roxy got Hello Kitty on hers, too cute
Today, my cousins arrived because they're coming with us tomorrow. We go to the beach every holy week with my cousins and dad's cousins. So much fun.

Anyway, we spent the day trying to get a decent picture for this Dog Photo Contest at Bel Air. 5k is the prize and would be nice to have money so we gave it a try. It's not that great though because we did it in a rush. Like gosh, I was editing it in my laptop in Rockwell at Mcdo and had it developed just in time for the due date.
So there it is. Yes, fugly background but I don't give a damn anymore. It will do. Worth a try. Didn't take much of my time anyway. I was bored.
After the picture taking, we went to Forever 21 at SM and I got another maxi dress. Cheap & lovely. Rockwell after like I said earlier. Just going round and I saw these golden bunnies in the grocery. They're so beautiful and expensive sadly.

Ah well, I need my rest. Early rising tomorrow.