Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Focus

We have this strange Math project. We have to make a fake company and a fake logo. We need to use graphs of ellipses and cirlces and hyperbolas and all that shit for the logos. We need them complete with the equations. So much stress.

I'm groupmates with Jack & Patotie. We came up with Fashoin Focus [make believe company]. Some company that takes pretty photography. Three of us are pretty much into fashion and photography.

So here are the fake samples of our fake company. Hihihi. Taken by Jack.

Sexy Patotie. Teehee.
Here's the fake logo we came up with and I made.
And this logo is according to this graph of shit which we got Poch to help us with. Thank goodness.
Wish us luck for tomorrow's presentation of our fake company. And wish me luck staying alive for all the rest of the homework I have to do. Am very very very stressed you see.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog doctor

Today, we went to the vet. We got a new dog yesterday and named him Gable. Another Sharpei. He's white unlike Scarlet, our other dog. Scarlet Ohara and Clark Gable? Mom decided to name him Gable because of that. We only named Scarlet, Scarlet becuase of the scar she got from a scalpel when she was a baby. Gable is a boy and Scarlet is a lady.
Meet Scarlet
And meet Gable, our newest addition
Besides going to the vet this Sunday, I managed to clean my room. These are the before pictures. Hurricane.

It looks much better in here. 

I also managed to finish my parish involvement today. Finally. It's my last time to serve St. Andrews. I feel so useful. 

My 4 day weekend is almost over. Oh dear.

Friday, February 25, 2011

4 Belated happy birthdays

We went to Dasma for a family reunion.

4 birthdays of family members passed this February including Roxy's.
We celebrated and blew cake. Some relatives from California were also in the reunion for a visit. So I met a new cousin. She's the lady 2nd from the right. I can't believe she's 20.
I got free clothes from Marilou [wonders if I spelled that right] because she said they couldn't fit in her luggage. She shall be leaving tomorrow. I barely even know her and she gave me clothes. Quite lovely though. I wouldn't have done that. Hihihi.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last night, Ara Vergara climbed my window at 11pm

No, I'm kidding. But then she did arrive at 11pm while I was sleeping so soundly and she slept over and we talked until morning.
Such a gay pose
It's around noon and we just had breakfast. Photobooth! She shall leave soon.
Then Kay will visit me in the afternoon.

First day of our 4 day weekend. So very happy for some rest.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plane flights and boat rides

We had our last Outbound [Field Trip] today. We went to Sangley Point in Cavite. It's some navy military area with ships, planes, fire, firemen, obstacle courses, soldiers and whatnot. Sounds pretty boring because we had better Outbounds in our younger years.

Wasn't really in the mood to because several people weren't going and like I said, boring, but then it's our last CSA Outbound ever. So yeah, I did. 

We played with guns, big guns and pretended to be like airplanes instead of shooting stars.
Meet Ara [One of my loveliest friends] She's a bitch
 Then we went on boats
My favorite letter ♥ Hihihi
Some of my classmates put out this fire!
We had a Boodle Fight for Lunch. How they eat in the military apparently. Boodle Fight mainly means using your hands to eat while everyone shares food on banana leaves. Sounds kinda sick using your hands to eat mac & cheese. It was quite fun but I wasn't so hungry.
The obstacle courses were the last part of the whole trip. We had a choice to do what soldiers do. They are very very very strong. Almost seemed like acrobats. My classmates tried a few. Very random and brave ones for kicks. More amusing was that my 50 year old adviser tried some out too.
The boys in my class are strange but so are everybody else. Hohoho
To the right is my batak adviser.
This was the only obstacle course I dared to try. Lol, cause I'm weak.
I love 4B. Here are a few of us with some of the military people. [Picture below from Graham which I grabbed from FB. I just edited it to my liking. Had no class pictures]
So that ends our last Outbound. On the bus, I was beside dear Denise. So here we are, on the way home. It's dark and flashy lights in the bus. Tugs tugs tugs.
Was sleeping in the bus majority of the time. We got back at school around 7-8pm

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today, I don't feel like doing anything

Lazy day. I decided not to go to school with my painful stomach and painful headache.

I spent the day at home. I wasted time making that bunny for the header. I used what I learned during that photoshop workshop I went to for VA last Saturday. Hiihii. So proud. I barely did anything productive. Didn't even manage to clean my room.

Time feels so much slower at school than it is here. It's so strange.

Anyway, I must study all the summaries for El Filibusterismo & The Iliad now. I have and English LT and might have to take the Filipino LT tomorrow too because I missed it today.
So ttfn

RA7610 prohibits child labor

I finally managed to upload our Economics Video after all this time! Please do watch it because we need as many views as possible.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Play a song for me

Kay visited me after school day. My mood went up and down and up and down for no particular reasons. Poor Kay.

Oh look, I plastic covered the daily books I use. I gave the brown book to Kay for his turn to fill it up.
I'm thankful the day ended properly.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My dear mom

Mom found me on the floor crying with a cutter in my hand.

It was strange because I've never had her catch me during my breakdowns. I guess I was screaming louder than usual. So I stood up and went straight to the bathroom as quickly as I could. Locked the door, washed my wrist, took a shower and continued to cry.

Mom wasn't in the room after I finished so I tucked myself in bed and tried to sleep. Sleeping makes it go away. She came in the room eventually. We talked about what was wrong. It felt nice but then she started to cry.

Only thing I'm afraid of you know. She always tells me that I can tell her anything but I'm always afraid I'll hurt her. I do love her very much. She's as fragile as me.

Why I was breaking down, I'd rather forget and not say.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of hearts

Today, I had my 2nd Valentines Day with Kay. It was a good day.

I made this for him during class at the last minute. I work better under pressure. Hah.
After class, we went all the way to Ortigas for lunch with his sister at some Italian restaurant. Really yummy food. Kay ordered all seafood and vegetables for me. After lunch, we spent the rest of the day at Powerplant. I miss that mall. The mall was decorated for Valentines Day. We watched The Rite after all the walking. I didn't enjoy it so much though.
Kay bought me stuff at Muji by the end of the day. Must wait for White Day for his present. 
The last I saw of Kay for the day. Mom took that picture and it's a very horrible picture so I covered our faces. It's the only picture we have together that day so it will do.
I used those play comme des garcons heart looking things to cover our faces. I want a shirt with one on it.
This entry is so very pink. I love it.

Last Teachers Day in CSA

I'm glad I went to school. It was so sad and sweet. We made Ms. Rabina cry!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preparing for 14th of February

Despite the horrible day, I must get ready for Valentines Day
I stenciled and painted I heart Andy on a Topman plain shirt for Kay because I'm so conceited like that. Har har har.

Bloody red skin

I'm having a bad day. Do you like my drawing?
But I'll be fine, I lost the energy to harm myself.

18 months of Kay

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I finally got a scanner so I'm finally posting all these draft posts.

Bee's belated birthday dinner

I sleptover at Bee's yesterday and just got home. I am very tired.

Right after the fair, Bee, Angelo, Sy, Kay & I went straight to Bee's. The rest followed when it was time for dinner. We took naps while waiting.
Dinner time at a restaurant which name I happen to forgot. They had such amazing food. I was too hungry to take any pictures of the food.
Oh and I almost forgot, we had our funrun this morning. It was so much fun. Running is fun yeah? We ran 5K. I wish I had my camera but I didn't want to bring it around while I ran because it's pretty heavy.

I shall now end this post with the many faces of Angelo Castillo. Ho ho ho.