Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanks to my own flesh and blood

Finally got a decent outfit picture up here again. I look decent. My hair looks nice after taking naps while it's wet.

Sister took these pictures in the garage where the sun was all bright. I made this deal with my sister. She's taking my pictures now because I helped her set up a blog. Check it: I made the header. It's pretty cool (the header, not the blog loljk). The blog is pretty cool too I guess.
 Sundays mean Mass & dinner at Rockwell. Got an ice cream treat from the grocery after.
This is my damn sister
Nom nom
Bought some pink study gear for my review and note making. The salmon highlighter I just had to buy because my last one ran out of ink and everything in my books should be of the same color. The pink Leone pen I just bought out of impulse. I have enough pink pens really.
I should be studying rather than blogging about this pointless day. 
See what I mean about easily distracted. 
I have no school tomorrow anyway. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make plans to break plans

Sem break is all I can think about. I get easily distracted when the week of exams happens to be a week before a break. Head always becomes too busy thinking about everything I can do with the future amount of free time. I have a habit of writing down lists.

❀ Party
✿ Bake whatever
❀ Food color dye my hair
✿ Download shit while I still can
❀ Paint something big and stunning
✿ Study Biosci
❀ Finish reading at least ten books
✿ Visit the kids at Taft and Ateneo
❀ Road trip with good company
✿ Play tennis
❀ Clean my seemingly eternally chaotic closet
✿ Make friendship bracelets
❀ Fly a kite
✿ Lose weight to acquire protruding hip bones
❀ Ride a roller coaster
✿ Start preparing for presents this Christmas
❀ Get my school shoes repaired
✿ Shop & thrift
❀ Ride my bike in strange places

It's highly unlikely that I will manage to do all these in three weeks time but I guess there's no harm in trying. These activities at least have the possibility of occurring. Nothing that exciting. I have much wilder things in mind but I'll save them for the list I intend for summer.