Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make plans to break plans

Sem break is all I can think about. I get easily distracted when the week of exams happens to be a week before a break. Head always becomes too busy thinking about everything I can do with the future amount of free time. I have a habit of writing down lists.

❀ Party
✿ Bake whatever
❀ Food color dye my hair
✿ Download shit while I still can
❀ Paint something big and stunning
✿ Study Biosci
❀ Finish reading at least ten books
✿ Visit the kids at Taft and Ateneo
❀ Road trip with good company
✿ Play tennis
❀ Clean my seemingly eternally chaotic closet
✿ Make friendship bracelets
❀ Fly a kite
✿ Lose weight to acquire protruding hip bones
❀ Ride a roller coaster
✿ Start preparing for presents this Christmas
❀ Get my school shoes repaired
✿ Shop & thrift
❀ Ride my bike in strange places

It's highly unlikely that I will manage to do all these in three weeks time but I guess there's no harm in trying. These activities at least have the possibility of occurring. Nothing that exciting. I have much wilder things in mind but I'll save them for the list I intend for summer.

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