Saturday, December 31, 2011

Travel sneak peek

Damn Iphone has an awesome camera. This is a preview of our trip since I still have to arrange like thousands of pictures and shit. 
I love Chinese food and noodles and nomnoms.
Venetian buffet at Macau
Iphone is so cool. Cannot get over it. It's like I'm texting with kids at home because there was wifi everywhere and I had FB chat. Then it has Facetime too. Tried it out with this fucker!
Hi Niko! Sorry I put your face here. HAHA


  1. WAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FACEEEE SO GAAAAAY. OMG Still fucking hate you for getting an iPhone... =)) Also, The Venetian is so beautiful noh?? I miss it there HUHUHU let's go to HK/Singapore/Macau together next year!!! HOHOHO

  2. Niko is gay ! HAHAHA. Eh u got ur blueberry naman ehhh. Can we do that please ! THERES A PROMO THIS SUMMER 2600 pesos Singapore back and forth flight pero feeling ko ubos na yun. Lets plan nalang pag may bago ! HOHOHO OMG *___*