Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bright blinding lights

I went Xmas shopping today at the World Trade Bazaar!
LOL Can you see my fake freckles ?
Used my red red lipstick today! Oh yeah. Didn't take much pictures in the bazaar cause it was way too crowded and reports of missing things were pouring like everywhere. So I had to be very careful. I only took pictures at the end of the day
It was really pretty outside. Lights are brightening up the sky. We even saw fireworks. I just noticed all the lights everywhere tonight. I can feel Christmas coming. Hihihi
My lipstick has faded away. Huhu


  1. Andy!you dyed your hair!!i love your shoes!!!

  2. Its been dyed a long time ago! It just looks oddly bright in that one picture. Red head ba? HARHAR. They were 300pesos only. The shoes :>

  3. your so purdy I can't stop looking *O*
    love the fake freckles xD I also wished I had freckles but I don't think it would look good on me xD post more Andy!! :3

  4. Where'd you buy the shoes? :)