Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I don't know why the fuck there had to be class today. Half day anyways.

So after class, I met up with Niko at Glorietta and we took a train to Shangrila. It was my first ride on that damn train. It was tight. I met his mother and her friend in Shang hotel. Then we ate out for dinner. Everything in this post looks green. I don't know why we're both wearing green.
Fucking kids
I look so tired. Lack of food and sleep. I was so hungry that I didn't even take a picture of the rest of the food which I would usually do but whatever. I slept at four in the morning for the last two days. Look at the bags under my tired eyes.
Niko looks tired too and unamused. Hoho, thank you for the lovely day
This is Macau

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  1. whut r u doin in a hotel lol u slutty children