Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rapunzel, let down your hair

Here's a silly entry about my hair, gingerbread and words on paper.

Scrambled days.

Jords gave me gingerbread a few days ago for a late Christmas gift. It's so lovely because it's shaped as a heart and he used the cookie cutter I bought him for his birthday! ♥ ♥
This piece of paper for Psychology's Motivation & Emotion lesson contains lovely words written by my classmates.

I've been seeing several people outside my window. I love being the one who owns the room in front of the house. I feel like Rapunzel.
These words made me cry while they were raised up outside my window

Drew this during class *O*
In other new, I finally had my hair dyed and cut. It looks bright red. I hope the color dies down a bit as I wash my hair. I also got straight bangs. Quite upset because they cut it a bit short and I was growing it out. Oh well, my hair will be growing forever.
Going to watch Mamma Mia tonight. I'm excite!

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