Monday, April 2, 2012

My hair looks like a sunset

Before & After 
So I got my hair done in this salon called Creations. It was really fancy and pretty with nice people talking to me.
They had this cool paper weight. Yes, I take pictures of the weirdest things
This is a horrible picture but whatever. This child waited for me in the salon and played Plants vs. Zombies with my phone. I know you're sick of his face but that's okay. Hoho. Oh don't I look cool with foil wrapped around my hair.

We had lunch at Kitchen & Gelatissimo for dessert at Greenbelt. People were staring at me funny. Hair pops pops pops like stoplights.
♥ ♥ ♥
Pink dip dye forever
Going to the beach in two days. I want a picture like this. Hihi dream big.


  1. I THOUGHT HE GOT HIS HAIR DYED GREEN???? It's lovely dear! Can't wait to have a photoshoot with you and our dip dyed haaaaair. I hope it doesn't fade away fast though D:

    1. That was a lie with him texting silly. You're so gullible babe. Huhu it's going away na :<