Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ones I've been growing up with

First week of summer and I've been spending it out and with people.

I spent Monday with Meg. We were salon hunting at ATC. She wanted lighter ends and I want pink dip dyed hair. Waited for her hair to get done for six fucking hours since they didn't have the color I wanted. Then we got some Jamba Juice. Expensive but worth it fluids in really big cups. I had something that tasted like peanut butter,
We had Cousinuman yesterday. Gayest word ever invented. I'm real close with my cousins and love them to bits. We just had to hang since they're all going abroad soon. Huhu. I had the worst hangover of my life that night due to my empty stomach.
Bianca & Bea slept over. Went salon hunting here at Makati area to find places to do my hair. Pink dye is pretty hard to find.  Also went round shopping F21. Such a girl.
Went to QC later that day for ADM night. Friends of my mother and the children of the friends of my mother. People who I'm stuck with forever.

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