Sunday, July 22, 2012

We should meet in another life

It's my boyfriend's birthday but I celebrated it with him yesterday despite the typhoon and my mom forcing me to go home.

At 7am, we went to UST for the MMRS Photo shoot which was canceled due to the weather. We stayed there longer though until it was starting to flood outside but whatever.

We finally had our highschool date which we were planning to do for summer. I'm wearing my six year old sister's uniform since they took mine away. Spent some time with Claudette, Anton & Stephen. Had some pictures taken on pedestrian lanes. Yes, we were trying to die. We look so annoyingly happy in these pictures.
Had dinner with Niko's highschool friends at Katipunan when it got dark.
Then went to this random party and drank a bit.
Rain & wind was so insane that I was wearing two jackets.
Got home at nearly midnight so he spent the first minute of his birthday at my house. Then he opened the best present ever from the best girlfriend ever ! Ends the long day. Hihi my baby is twenty today.


  1. SO CHEESY HUHUHU HAHAHAHA. happy birthday nico!!!! happy for you lovers :>

    1. do you just always spell his name wrong on purpose forever ! HAHA I'm not cheesy. I'm cool.