Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bel-Air Classic!

Every year, there's this thing called pasinaya at Bel-Air.
 It hasn't even been a year yet living in Maga. I miss Bel-Air. I miss living in that house with my other relatives, being able to walk to Powerplant, sneaking out to see Kay at the park. Lol good times.

So yeah, we spent Sunday at Bel-Air because Meg & I entered the dog contest. We got too impatinet waiting for them to announce the winners though so we just left. We came back and saw this board of pictures at the park. Damn, didn't win 5k but oh well.
I watched the program with mom. I wonder why I never joined those things. All I remember was winning 3 art contests in a row, riding the kalesa and gambling with those colorful blocks. My childhood.

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