Monday, May 2, 2011


We had the long awaited Garage Sale today! It was much fun and I made much money.
This is Tom's house. When Bee and I got there, people started to swarm around the stuff we brought.
Old shit I found at our house in Bel-Air
Bee's stall is cute
My lovely bow on my lovely Jo
Jo bought one and look how lovely it is on top of her bun! I only got to sell one bow and it's aryt. It's aryt because I got enough money to make me happy and got rid of junk. Not everything though but there will be another garage sale soon. A massive one at my house in Bel-Air. Date is still uncertain. But I swear, it will be massive!


  1. INVITE MEEEE~ to your MASSIVE garage sale.

  2. buy all my shit bebe gurl