Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love the zombies

I got to go out with my friends today! I met up with Kay first at his place then together, we rode a cab to get to Market Market.

We met up with Bee & Darvey there. Bee & I were in search for Mothers Day presents. We also watched Scream which was a horrible movie. Didn't get to take a pictures of Darvey and his sleeveless shirt. Hmph. He left so early. Kay left after some pictures at Serendra.

I went to Bees after because dad was going to pick me up there. She helped me make mom's present, Plants vs Zombies style.


  1. ....that has possibly got to be the cutest Mother's day present ever in existence.

  2. i guess for a mother who likes pvz.
    hahaha thank you :O it was very random