Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your only sunshine [Part 1]

I believe I am now 18!

I fell asleep happy last night. Woke up happy. Went to school happy. Got home happy. The only time I was sad today was when these people had to go.

So I arrived at school, with infinite greetings. Had only one test today. Hihihi plus it's only Theology Hihihi. Best birthday gift ever. One hour of school only! On the way home, I was expecting things. When I got home, Kay & Bee popped out from the den's bathroom. Happy surprise to see my loves.
Bee asked her mum to get a cake with my name on it ✭
 So sad because they had to go so soon. It was so early because Bee still had class and Kay still had to go back to the library.
4ever my lovers
Recieving things. Got a few things from my classmates. Didn't expect anything from them since we've all only been together for a month or so. Hah, someone even got me something with my name on it. Cool.
This is really pretty
Bee got me a wonderful bag of goodies. Plus the bow that was on my head earlier.
I love this vodoo doll
Thank you Bee & Kay for coming over. Lol Kay didn't get me anything for now he says. Fail but it's okay. He's the first one who greeted me anyway for like 2 years straight. He he I'm just happy they were over. I wish I saw my other loves too but I know I'll see them soon. Oh and the video, I watched with Bee & Kay. Hihihi I feel so loved. Shall post it here soon since I can't seem to stop watching it.

I wish they stayed so we could've treated them for dinner. I'll be eating out with my family tonight. For now, I'll study for the Zoology exams I shall be taking tomorrow. Fuck whut?

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