Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2nd day of suspension

Thank goodness for Typhoon Juaning.

It's not even raining that hard but yeah, relieved I don't have to take so many quizzes. Yesterday, Zoo quiz canceled because of early suspension. Today, Filipino quiz (worst shit ever) canceled because of another suspension.

What to do? Hell naw, I'm not going to study. I've been chatting with Kay all day. It's breezy and cold so I'm sipping my hot chocolate. Never mind, looks more like gulping.
Kay sent me this drawing. He was reading a Korean comic all day. So gay. But wow, I wish I could draw like that.
This 2nd image, I saw in Tumblr a long time ago. Reminds me of people. Har har har. She looks like she hurts herself! Omg.
Hmph, I need to learn how to use the pen tool better and make pretty eyes with Photoshop. Huhuhu. Traditional artist forever.

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