Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week the trend was to crash and burn and return again

I'm a lazy blogger so here's the compilation my week.
Mom & Dad came home from Malaysia on a Monday. They bought me red shoes. I tried it on with socks for toddlers.
Shit. I don't think I've ever gotten 50 missed calls ever. Niko attempting to wake me up for my shit essays due on Monday. Attempt failed but I woke up myself at one point. Thank God.
Gay paper cranes at Martin's condo
Serious & silly faces. Niko is always at my house. My mom is sick of his face now. 
Creepy insect we saw after PE and decided to take a picture of for no apparent reason at all. It's green and red and tiny and looks like that caterpillar in Bug's Life that grew tiny wings.
My hair grows too fast
I'm sorry I believe I'm losing my mind. Unicorn hair.
Watched Sound of Music today with my grandmother & siblings. It was gay like a Filipino version of the original. Was alright though. Awesome theater at Resorts World. Such lovely chairs.

Another week is coming. Please be kind to me.

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