Friday, March 23, 2012

One of the boys

Last day of my exams. I am free now. What a fucked up and sleepless week. Stole these first two pictures from my friend.
These people are the closest I have in class. Two 2SLP kids photo bombed in the picture though. Hoho. I brought some of the boys home with me since all the girls had other plans.
This is Luigi ! He's so happy !
Got some Jollibee for take out and headed home. Watched Abandoned, an old DVD that seemed to be a scary movie but is nothing but a shit movie. 

For boys, my friends are very vain.
Oh god
This is the only decent picture
Intense Wii
Such a lovely way to begin Summer 2012. I believe it's going to be a fucking magnificent summer.


  1. YOU WHORE. WHY DIDN'T WE PLAY WII LAST TIME?!?! now we have something BETTER to do when we chill in your place hahaha!