Monday, March 26, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

Finally watched The Hunger Games. I've been dying to watch this ever since it came out last week but we had exams. I read the books last summer and loved every bit.

Ooo, I made an Identification Card with this: [!] Ever so hyped. District 11 with all the damn crops, vegetables and shit. How perfect.
I went on a date with this fucker and we shared a large cup of grape lemonade. So much flavor bursting in your mouth. We watched The Hunger Games and we may have held hands.
I have a lot of pictures sipping drinks
After the movie, Niko & I circled Greenbelt to look for a place to eat. Took us quite a while to find a place because we are such indecisive kids. Or maybe that's just me and it gets contagious. We ended up eating at Fish Co. I just love that restaurant and the huge serving of parmesan filled fish fillet. Dinner killed.
This is my Hunger Games get up. I belong to the damn outdoors.
Even complete with my own Mockingjay! Loljk, that's a fucking golden crane.


  1. YOU LOOK LIKE JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! niko doesnt look like peeta at all ... whatta fail

    1. are you kidding me. HAHAHA you're so funny i wana stab u