Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Focus

We have this strange Math project. We have to make a fake company and a fake logo. We need to use graphs of ellipses and cirlces and hyperbolas and all that shit for the logos. We need them complete with the equations. So much stress.

I'm groupmates with Jack & Patotie. We came up with Fashoin Focus [make believe company]. Some company that takes pretty photography. Three of us are pretty much into fashion and photography.

So here are the fake samples of our fake company. Hihihi. Taken by Jack.

Sexy Patotie. Teehee.
Here's the fake logo we came up with and I made.
And this logo is according to this graph of shit which we got Poch to help us with. Thank goodness.
Wish us luck for tomorrow's presentation of our fake company. And wish me luck staying alive for all the rest of the homework I have to do. Am very very very stressed you see.

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