Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog doctor

Today, we went to the vet. We got a new dog yesterday and named him Gable. Another Sharpei. He's white unlike Scarlet, our other dog. Scarlet Ohara and Clark Gable? Mom decided to name him Gable because of that. We only named Scarlet, Scarlet becuase of the scar she got from a scalpel when she was a baby. Gable is a boy and Scarlet is a lady.
Meet Scarlet
And meet Gable, our newest addition
Besides going to the vet this Sunday, I managed to clean my room. These are the before pictures. Hurricane.

It looks much better in here. 

I also managed to finish my parish involvement today. Finally. It's my last time to serve St. Andrews. I feel so useful. 

My 4 day weekend is almost over. Oh dear.

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