Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plane flights and boat rides

We had our last Outbound [Field Trip] today. We went to Sangley Point in Cavite. It's some navy military area with ships, planes, fire, firemen, obstacle courses, soldiers and whatnot. Sounds pretty boring because we had better Outbounds in our younger years.

Wasn't really in the mood to because several people weren't going and like I said, boring, but then it's our last CSA Outbound ever. So yeah, I did. 

We played with guns, big guns and pretended to be like airplanes instead of shooting stars.
Meet Ara [One of my loveliest friends] She's a bitch
 Then we went on boats
My favorite letter ♥ Hihihi
Some of my classmates put out this fire!
We had a Boodle Fight for Lunch. How they eat in the military apparently. Boodle Fight mainly means using your hands to eat while everyone shares food on banana leaves. Sounds kinda sick using your hands to eat mac & cheese. It was quite fun but I wasn't so hungry.
The obstacle courses were the last part of the whole trip. We had a choice to do what soldiers do. They are very very very strong. Almost seemed like acrobats. My classmates tried a few. Very random and brave ones for kicks. More amusing was that my 50 year old adviser tried some out too.
The boys in my class are strange but so are everybody else. Hohoho
To the right is my batak adviser.
This was the only obstacle course I dared to try. Lol, cause I'm weak.
I love 4B. Here are a few of us with some of the military people. [Picture below from Graham which I grabbed from FB. I just edited it to my liking. Had no class pictures]
So that ends our last Outbound. On the bus, I was beside dear Denise. So here we are, on the way home. It's dark and flashy lights in the bus. Tugs tugs tugs.
Was sleeping in the bus majority of the time. We got back at school around 7-8pm

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