Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fair [Part 2]

Day 2 of the fair was definitely more productive. The heat was still insane though. I wore a set of more comfy clothes on that day knowing we had to move in all that heat again. There was lots to watch and not much time. We watched the singing contest, variety show, cosplay contest, inter-batch dance contest and the battles of the bands. See, busy busy.

This is my painting of St. Rita displayed in the Art Exhibit
Fellow classmates in Visual Arts class
At one point, Kay arrived at our fair.
And at another point, loud party music was playing at the covered court so I started to dance.
Patotie joined me with the dancing.
I only managed to take pictures of the battle of the bands. Was too lazy to do so with the other shows so here it goes.
Meet Denise the Fish, my best friend [She won best vocalist] Lovely!
The rest of Denise's band, TNT
Here's a Korean band. Everyone was quite amused
We ended the fair day with that. We all went to Bee's for her after birthday dinner party sort of thing.

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