Monday, February 7, 2011

Hanging paper hearts [Part 2]

Today is not only Bee's 18th Birthday but also her 1st Anniversary with Angelo. ♥
Lunch time for Bee's Birthday! She made us her lovely cookies. Best cookies ever. I swear.

Kay & I rushed to her house after dismissal and hanged dedicated paper hearts and pictures around her room. The surprised went well I guess. Teehee. Bee's mum is so sweet. She even fed us. Then Bee gave us cake and balloons to bring home like they do in children parties.

Bee's mum is really the sweetest. She hanged Bee's 1yearold birthday banner for her 18th birthday!
Birthday Girl
 I was under so much stress today but it was all worth to make Bee's day special. I was really happy by the end of the day because all the hard work payed of. Shall sleep very soundly now. Good night love.

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