Monday, June 6, 2011

Explore explore Manila!

I wish I brought my camera but I was too scared to bring it around plust it was too heavy.
So I shall just be narrating the day!

I met up with Sy at UST for no reason really. Then we went to Lasalle. I was really hoping to try riding a jeep but my mom wouldn't let me so we had to ride my car. Lame. Oh well, it was hot anyway and riding a jeep sounded hot.

Moving on, met up with Kay there. Ate at KFC with Kay, Jerr & Sy. Sy has a boy who stares at her from far away table. Hohoho. We saw tons of CSA people and it was pretty cool because I haven't seen much people all summer. We waited 30 mins for Bee to come out but she only stayed for 5 secs or something. So we part ways after that but I brought Kay home with me.

I always bring Kay home with me.
What a lovely day to end summer. Tomorrow, school begins.

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