Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah

Today was a long day with many canceled classes. Thursday is the day with my longest break. We have no class from 10 to 1.

All classes after 1 were canceled. We had Aktibong RS from 1 to 3 which had something to do with orgs. I'm already in TC and thinking about joining PAG, but then maybe that's too much. So yeah, people who weren't going outside and checking out the orgs were in the classroom. We made a huge mess with the SLP SOC goodies. Lights, whistles, string spray, headbangs and more. It was like a party. They even turned off the lights and played loud music by putting iphones near mics.

So much fun. My class was insane while other classrooms had the classes seated on chairs.
It was raining very hard so we barely went outside to check the booths of the orgs. The rain was so hard that they canceled the freshmen walk which was suppose to start at 3. Oh well, happy to get home early and happy I have no class tomorrow.
Gosh. Canceled freshmen walk, canceled mass at the field, canceled freshmen party with concert. They shall reschedule!

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