Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting to know you, getting to know more about you

 It's my 3rd day of school! I made a pack of friends but I find it strange how we're all in tiny groups in our class and only feel comfortable in our own circles. I'm enjoying and getting used to speaking in Tagalog. Hihihi. I'm good at blending. Hihihi.

Gosh, we had lecture already for our first day of class. At least yesterday, we just had orientation. Then today we had orientation again for our course. We had 3SLP speaking to us and some SLP working people speaking to us too. Telling us how it's fulfilling to the heart and to the pocket. Gosh.

I'm so happy that lady posted pictures! I got some pictures from Ate Chesca for the day today. She's from the higher batch. So here they are playing with our class. We had fun. We actually look way too happy in these pictures. They made us play this game about roofs, windows and yards. Then played Pinoy Henyo. I got gummybears for being active. Oh yeah.
The word was baliw and changed again and again lol
The very first class picture with the SLP seniors ♥

 People from the higher batches always look so hyper and happy. Classes look so close. I hope our class ends up like that someday. We have five years together!

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