Saturday, June 4, 2011


I went to this party with children yesterday night. Yes, I call them children because I'm older than all of them. I sort of consider them my cousins because I grew up with them. They're the children of my mother's barkada in college. So so.

Felt like babysitting. Kinda sick seeing other little people make out. Hohoho.  It was funny pushing the little boys to grind with unknown little girls. Er never mind, so very bi. That was Megan doing all that. Yes, she was there too. Strange to party with your sister. But I had a good night.
We had dinner at Pancake House before all that shit
Strawberry ice cream for dinner
Then to Ortigas for the party. Sadly, the drinks ran out so quickly. Not that I got drunk or anything but I probably looked that way because my legs started to get wobbly due to the heels.
The only picture I stole and tampered with
Lots of questions from the parents by the end of the night. They had their own get together. Then they took this picture. So many group pictures. Hihihi.

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