Sunday, June 19, 2011

My dad and the sea

We spent the weekend at Punta Fuego. Yesterday was Dad's Birthday. Today is Father's Day. Lol double celebration, one gift. Yes. He he.
He invited the same people that came to the last trip. Sadly, a lot of my cousins didn't make it. Only Bianca came with it us so it was quite sad. Plus it rained so hard that not much time was spent over there. Ah well, dad seemed happy anyway. I guess that's all that matters.
The only picture we had with dad cause he was the one taking pictures
We'd ride a banana boat but we were too little this time. So Meg, Bianca & I rode the Great Big Mable. Scary shit but at least we didn't fall. I was scared to death though, gripping tight. If I didn't, I would've flew away. Arms were shaking when it was over. Bumpy ride.
The older people left the beach when it started to drizzle. We stayed though and took pictures.
We had an amazing dinner followed with a night of Cranium and Tanduay Ice. Here's my team.

Some of us this morning, getting ready to leave. The rest of us were still in the house fixing up. Dad took the picture.

Good to get a good rest from school. I love the beach. Just like my dad.

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