Friday, June 10, 2011

We should be as happy as the sun

Last day of the first week in school and it feels like it has been weeks.

We had the campus tour in the afternoon.

I was so happy today because I didn't have to wake up early. Even happier because Kay visited me today and we ate at Ice Monster. Even happier because I finally got my drug test done and had Kay to talk to while waiting. Omg, I feel so accomplished. Plus we had no class today!

Omg, I'm starting to enjoy school except the getting home so late part. I wish I brought my camera today. Oh well, Nikki brought her SLR and I stole some from FB. Tampered with in Photoshop.
This is group 13 for the campus tour, the first half of our class. I wish the others were here too. Hmph.
Group 13 with the tour guides [higher batch SLP]. They're so friendly. Hah. Only our first week in school and we already got tons of pictures.
This is for our love, Bianca
A picture from Sy's phone! I spent the end of the day with Jords and Sy which made me happier. I miss them so much. Fuck It's the weekend, I'm too happy.
So happy!

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