Monday, March 21, 2011

4th Grade Odds & Evens

What a shitty Monday. I was kinda excited for today because of the games. Odds & Evens [this game we had at the 4th grade and they decided to use for Seniors Day today] I lost all the mood to join because of the heat. I was sticky and oh goodness, we were out in the covered court surrounded by heat all fucking day.
My best friend's sexy ass
Don't mind the mouchtache. I just put that there because I was doing an awkward face. I like my hair today, it looked neater than usual. Oh and I finally got my bangs cut just the way I like it.

After school, we walked all the way to Petron for yougurt at Frutti Froyo. Fuck, I can't even describe how hot the heat was.
Awesome shit
Jerr's face is beautiful
 I'm off to bed.

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