Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meow meow meow

Kay was at my house this morning but he had to go so soon.

He left around the afternoon and then we went straight to visit my sick relative. Tita Celly has cancer. She doesn't have much time left, my relatives would say. We visited her. She has been staying at my uncle's condo. It was a really old condo made to look like some horrible resort. It was covered in plants like a forest and there were signs everywhere saying: beware of snakes. Freaky shit.

Tita Celly didn't open her eyes the whole time we were there. Mom was talking to her. I just played with my uncle's pretty kitty to pass the time.
This is Justin
Such a pretty kitty don't you think? I'm actually real proud of this picture. He doesn't look this clean.

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