Monday, March 14, 2011

Fainting on white day

Today is White Day [Some Korean holiday where lovers make out with candy in their mouths as how Kay described it to me]. It's kinda like the boy's turn of Valentine's Day but then I told Kay not to get me anything since he already did. 
So so so. Today was pretty much a bullshit day. I didn't even see Kay. School was just tiring and horrid to my legs and arms. We had ACP Graduation practice today. Thought we had the last shit of ACP already. They were really rough on us. Morning already started bad because I didn't even know what to wear so I had to change so quickly from my school uniform to type e ACP attire. Oh fuck. I wanted to keep my stomach empty and I managed in the morning.

By 11, we were back at the field and the officers made us do 10 gigs [also equal to 100 jump&jacks, 100 pumps and 100 squatrusts]

Then we had to stand under the heat for so long. It was strange because I thought the heat was making everything glow. All the white shirts in front of me were glowing and then the sky was white and faces started turning white and then, er I couldn't see or hear anything. So that's how it feels like to faint. Pretty trippy. I don't like it.

Thankful I got through this day. Legs are dead.

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