Sunday, March 27, 2011

Honorable mention

My very busy Saturday. Right after Ara left me, I got ready in an hour for Kay's graduation. He picked me up and we went all the way to SMX. That's where his graduation was held. 

Kay got me all stressed because he asked me for a barong at the very last minute. Lol, he's wearing my dad's barong. Oh how strange. My dad shall not know about this.
Kay's father & sister
The program was long and boring. I was playing Pokemon in my phone the whole time.
We had dinner at GB afterwards. Har har har. Kay was walking around the mall in a barong. Told him not to take it off. People kept staring. Formal attire and shit. We ate at Bubba Gump. I've never eaten there before but I remember Kay telling me a long time ago that it was his favorite restaurant. His sister's boyfriend joined us for dinner as well. I was so shy. I did not finish the food they ordered for me. Tsk.
I don't like the lighting here
Kay brought me home after all that. Congratulated him and a kiss goodnight. I'm glad to be happy.
Family reunion going on in the house. Long day you see!

Congrats Kay

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