Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aerospace cadets of the Philippines

Today, I finally graduated from ACP. Thank goodness because I was getting really sick of that military like shit. I'm very much a weak person with weak bones and other weak things.

Took some random pictures with our ACP uniform on when the day ended. I've never had pictures with them on so we took the opportunity.  Look at them sway, happy it's all over.
Bee at the left and Cami at the right
You haven't really met Cami so meet her. Her face will pop out soon.
There's Cami's face at the right and the other two, you should know by now
Lovely couple don't you think?
That's a lie but anyway. Had some good times. I do wish we did the cookie machine though.

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  1. ACP is serious. If you would just release bad thoughts about it, just keep it in mind. I respect your opinion but I myself is a ACP cadet and I will never regret a thing.