Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's not fair and it's really not okay

3A gathered up together for Sir Geronimo today. It's really unfair that he won't be in CSA anymore. He told us the very long story. At least we won't be there anymore to see him go. Sir Geronimo was 3A's co adviser. It was nice to gather up for one last time. It was also Czhim's birthday so we all ate cake.

I wish Kay got to join us but he had some stuff to do. He had to buy two things for their physics lab for his clearance.
 3A & Sir G
The pictures turned out to bright. I couldn't fix them.

I met up with Kay after the 3A gathering. We ate and Wendys. We still had to look for one more object. He already bought a plasma ball while I was gone. It was hard to think of what else to get. Everything was much too expensive. Ended up buying a tuning fork. It was fun like a scavenger hunt. We kept going back and forth everywhere.

I wish we could've watched a movie though. He had to go so soon because he had to be at school by 4. 
Kay's sister is so sweet. She got me a graduation gift. Kay didn't even get me one lol. 

When Kay left, I waited for mom at Fully Booked and looked at pretty picture books. Then we went to Forever 21 at Megamall and Megan was shopping like fuck. I got some make up from Skin Food. I've been so attracted to make up lately.
Fuck, I'm so tired and not ready for tomorrow.

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