Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Very friendly friends

School has been pointless and boring and I'm getting kinda sick of it. Practices are so stupid. Why the hell practice to have a Batch Picture anyway. Why not just go with it and not waste time.

I bring my camera daily now.
This is my batch
We will form 2011 on the actual picture taking. Jack took this picture so I must be somewhere there. I am a little speck way way at the back.
Meet Yoojin, Korean friend is Korean
I spend my very long lunch breaks and dismissal time with the usual. My family [I call my closest group of friends that] I should make a family tree one day.
Shame shame shame Angelo
Meet Darvey & Jerr
They gave us free pizza during the Senior Junior Turnover. Luckily got cheese. Nomnomnom.

This week is moving too slowly

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