Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bang bang boom cake

It's the last day of our Finals and I stopped giving a fuck! Lovely day to end the week of school and bullshit tests.

Ara Vergara's birthday is on Friday and we surprised her today at the canteen with cake and Hello Kitty party hats. I love Hello Kitty. Loise tasked to get all the 3A [my class last year with Ara] people to join us as well. People are so sweet. Oh god, we played with cake and got all sticky. And yummy too.

These are some of the lovely people of 3A
Gosh, I miss them so. I loved everyone so dearly in that class. I could go on about how I miss them and shit but shall not because I'll end up ruining this happy post about cake with mushiness if I do.
My loves ♥
This is where the playing with cake began. People got evil and not so sweet.
Ara Vergara, you are loved!

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