Thursday, March 10, 2011

Complex structures

4 day weekend has begun!

I visited Kay today. I've only been to his twice before. I barely go there because mother rarely lets me. Girls aren't suppose to go to boys houses apparently. Mother doesn't trust me maybe? And she shouldn't. Hohoho.

Oh but whatever, Kay's dad was there anyway but he doesn't mind anything. We got too lazy to watch movies so fell asleep instead. We had Yellowcab pizza and chicken alfredo for lunch. Yellowcab is tasty. Then played in the playground. I had a beautiful day.
View from Kay's balcony
Kay lives in such a lovely place where it's always cold because of the breeze. But then it's pretty far from civilization.

Kay finally finished making me the Taj Mahal. He worked so very hard on it. I'm so proud of my baby. He said it symbolizes Eternal Love. Tom said this emperor guy built it for some empress chic and she died. Anyway, is cool.
And look at what Kay's mom got me from Korea. She loves me more than Kay. Hiihii.

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