Saturday, April 30, 2011

Midnight madness sales

My boyfriend is so fail. Har har har.

Today, we went to Greenhills because my Tita owes Meg a birthday gift. She bought some shoes. The only thing I bought was pink canvas cloth to sew a bag. Because I'm cheap like that.

After that, we went to Megamall for the F21 Sale. I was bugging Kay about the sale two days ago when he was over at my house and complaining to him about how mom wouldn't bring us. I guess she got annoyed because she ended up bringing us today despite overtime for the driver.
Megamall was packed with people. It was a sale everywhere. Sea of people I swear. I found Kay in the crowd at F21. I wasn't really buying anything because I had no money for spending. It was really more of Meg's trip. Kay told me he was going to Zara with his sister today. Lied to me and so much for surprises. He bought me a dress and went through all those scary teen girls shopping. So I didn't go home empty handed. Yey!

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