Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not normal

Mama caught me again.

We were at Greenhills today with my cousins to exchnge some things we bought the other day. I was suppose to be going to Jerr's for that soccer ice cream sesh. Plans got all messy so I never made it. Anyway, mom saw the red lines when we were buying some ice cream filled barquillos. She was all shocked and pretty much shouted at me despite my cousins being there. Not that it mattered because my cousins know about my habit. I thought she'd let it pass and all.

But she didn't.

Mom and dad were in my room later than night. Obviously had to talk about it. Had to lie about the lines and say it was about my grades. Truth is, I don't give a fuck about my grades. Dad makes things less awkward. Mom is just oh I don't know, much like me. Of course crying was involved. Horrible is not enough to describe it. Could've gone worse, dad was asking if I need someone else to talk to. Eh, at least they're not going to get me a psychiatrist.

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