Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flying in the sky

I've been having very long days with no rest and tons of walking. Yesterday with Bee, we were out the whole day. Today was pretty much the same. We went to the bazaar at the NBC tent. After that, we went to Rockwell, to go back in the summer bazaar.

Mom bought me a lot of things. I feel sorta bad because I'm not used to it. I didn't have to bring out any money for two days. She payed for everything because I guess she was in a good mood. Hohoho. Many new things for my wardrobe. Looks like everything I got was stripey.
We got to Rockwell late so mom decided for the driver to go home and have us wait for dad to pick us up after work. To pass time, we watched Rio. New favorite cartoon. It was so cute and the music was amusing.
I wish I could put music in this post but I don't really know how. Is that even possible? Maybe.

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