Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the waves up take me down

Finally home from that insane ride. I couldn't feel my bones in the car. Exhausted.

3 days & 2 nights at Punta Fuego for the Holy Week. The sun wasn't that hot but I still placed sunblock every hour or so. I didn't get much of a tan. It was a good trip.

April 20, 2011
We rented a house for our first day. Here's the view of the balcony. The house was big and chill and I wish we could've slept over for the second day but it was booked.
We spent the first day at long beach. Family was still incomplete. My other cousins and their father were still at some cruise or something and was only arriving that night. They came in the next day.

We went snorkling at long beach and picked up starfishes and fed fish Qcobs [chips]
That's a rock, not the starfish I was talking aboout
Thn did some random shit. We made a pyramid and I was on top! Hihi. Mom & Tita Jenny were on the second row and Meg & my lovely cousins were down below. God, being a cheerleader sounds difficult. Jumping pictures afterwards
Dad and Tito Raffy drank quite a lot. It was funny trying to get back home. 

We played Cranium while they slept. Fucking awesome game that gets everyone hyped up and super competative. Shit, we did 5 rounds of that shit and did 4 more for the next day at Punta Fuego. I wish I got to take pictures of the silly shit it made us do but I was too busy laughing.
That ends the first day.

April 21, 2011
Tito Jon and the rest of my cousins [Cams, Jiggy & Cayley] were at Terazas Punta Fuego by the time we got there. Terazas is a another beach.
There's a pool over there too
Pizza for lunch
By 2pm or so we went back to Main Punta Fuego and got checked in. Then to Long beach again with all my cousins pluse Tito Jon, Tito Raffy & dad. The rest decided to stay.

We rode a banana boat. Yeah, that was one big banana. Managed to convince Tito Raffy to join us. He fell off about 3 times lol. The rest of us only fell once but fuck, that was hard. Like my head hit a rock or something.
Got Henna done after the Banana Boat. The guy wasn't much of an artist though. It was pretty crappy. Looks like I could've done better with pentel pens. The next day, the red ink faded away. Cheap shit.
I think Cams had the best one
Obviously played some more Cranium with everybody when we got back to the rooms. Plus Tanduay Ice and tons of junk food. Fuck, it got all crazy. Super fun I swear. I got to play that with my friends but then I'll probably feel all stupid when it comes to the Data Head part.

April 22, 2011
The last day.

A heavy breakfast early morning. Then the infinity pool. We always end our last day at the infinity pool for a dip. Shit, I can't believe I've been going to Punta Fuego since I was 8. Wow.
We took over the hood lol. People always scatter when we get into that pool. There's a pool on top which is more shallow. We always go to the second one which is deeper. We managed to get in empty again this year.  Funny, trying to do triple chicken fights and hanging up the ledges.
That's everyone minus Tito Jon because he took the picture. Hohoho.

I love my family.


  1. what do you use to edit your photos?

  2. adobe phothoshop, you can make gifs there too :O