Friday, April 1, 2011

Highschool never ends [Part 2]

Today was my graduation. 13 years in CSA and it all ended here. Hasn't quite sunk in yet.
Proud Parents, hohoho
We took that tacky family photo and will be recieving the photos on April 9. Here I am with my sisters. They went inside after that and I went crazy with my camera to take a picture with as much people I know I can see.

These are some of my lovely friends.
So very many many pictures! There are more than these but I must stop now. I was too stubborn to give my camera to my sister so I kept it hidden in my toga. Huge strange looking bump at my side as I walked down the aisle.
Oh god oh god oh god. I managed to graduate. I expected to cry but did not. Maybe I was too stunned. Ah well, it was all such a rush and lots of handshakes and congratulations when it all ended.

I still can't believe it.

We had dinner at a restaurant called l'entrecote. It's french and I decided to eat meat after 2 years of it gone from my system. We had steak and fries. I thought I deserved it and seriously enjoyed it. Must stop again soon but god was that good.
I graduated. I graduated. I graduated.

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