Friday, April 15, 2011

2 Straight days with the buzzing bumble

I sleptover Bee's 2 nights ago and she slept over my house last night.

I arrived at her place that Wednesday around 7 with Kay.
When Kay left, we got bored and fucked with Darvery's Tumblr because he was still signed on in Bee's computer. We also went to the Scott Pilgrim Website and played around with it and made Scott Pilgrim people of ourselves. Hohoho. I made one of Kay too just because it was too funny.
We went in Rockwell around midnight and the mall was all dark and empty so we were being sneaky and started taking tons of pictures and getting dizzy and rolling on the grass
What I did with Bee Wednesday night?

We rolled.
Mom picked us up at 4pm the next day. Bee's mum made us cookies just like the way Bee does. Shit, I haven't had them in a while. I could die happy eating them.
We spent the whole day in my room, cleaning it up. It was crazy and Bee is cray cray and obsessed with cleaning. She should work in Clean House or one of those cleaning TV shows. Hella amazing, my room is perfect looking now. Bee keeps calling me a hoarder. I hope my room stays like this forever. Hopes. We didn't get much pictures because we got so very busy and into it.
Photobooth before we slept because of boredom and no internet
We barely slept for both nights. Around 4 in the morning. We had to wake up real early today because mom brought us to Greenhills and we were under pressure. Mom bought me a really nice camera bag. Bee bought a lot of random shit. Then we went to Rockwell to drop Bee and checked out the Summer Bazaar which was a lot like Coachella but better. We got Volcom clothes on sale! Crazy sale. I also got a new pretty high waist bikini.
Bee & I had Fish&Chips and Mint Tea. It was our first meal besides a cookie. Exhausted and starving I was so I enjoyed the meal despite the fish swimming in oil. Mom and I had to go right after. We went to Forver 21 because she had to exchange her shorts and I got these socks with giraffes on them. Mom has bought me everything today. So fucking happy.

I was so tired by that time and not in the mood to shop after the long day of shopping. Legs in pain.

I will be in bed very soon. Thank you Bee for the lovely two days. Sorry I never got to feed you breakfast!

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